Anti-Mosquito software??

From LockerGnome:
Anti Mosquitoes v1.10b [261k] W9x FREE
Unearthed by Howie Mirkin
Software page

“This program can keep mosquitoes away from your computer. The radius measures out near two meters. You can easily change the language from Thai to English and it will run from the system tray. You can change the frequency to whatever works best at the moment; the most effective levels are between 3 and 5.” Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: who needs this?
Well, consider this scenario: you have a laptop, it’s a nice evening, and you want to work from the patio. Can’t. The bugs will eat you alive. Well, next time have this thing running in the background. Will it work? I have no idea. It hooks into your sound card and emits a “repellent” which should keep those flying nuisances at bay. Worth a shot. And, if nothing else, it’s for those of you who’ve already downloaded “everything.”

What will they think of next???