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As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the look of the homepage a little bit: I added Technorati tags to all the posts. I also added a link to bookmark each post on
But the point of all this? I’ve borrowed from someone else’s work and modified it a bit to make the same keywords that it links to technorati also link to

I’ve bastardized a Movable Type plugin that will take an entry’s Keywords field and turn them into tags. If you want to see it in action, look at the bottom of this entry.
Download del.icio.usTags-0.1 (zip)
(Jan Theofel created a PHP function for Movable Type 3’s dynamic publishing, which is now included. Thanks Jan!)

del.icio.usTags – Plugin for Moveable Type
A variable plugin that outputs an entry’s keywords as links to Tags. For
more information on tags, see
Moveable Type 2.2 or higher
Tested on Movable Type 2.661 and 3.14
Put in the plugins directory for your Moveable Type
installation and make sure that the permissions make it readable by the web
You may also want to customize your New Entry form to display the keyword
field. Choose New Entry then at the bottom of the form click the link
Customize the display of this page. On the form that pops up choose
Custom and then check all the fields you want to display, including
Keywords. Click the Save button.
Add keywords for your post separated by spaces. For example, the
deliciousTags plugin might get these tags: technorati tags MovableType
Note that Movable Type was turned into one word: MovableType. If it had
been spelled with the space, each word would have been tagged with
Movable and Type but not Movable Type.
In your template add
where you want to display tags. By default it outputs the links with the
class “deliciousTags” but you can optionally override this with the
“class” attribute:
<$MTdeliciousTags class="someotherclass" $>
For more advanced formatting use Brad Choate’s IfEmpty plugin from
For example:
<MTIfNotEmpty var=&quot;EntryKeywords&quot;>
<div id=&quot;some_id&quot;>
<MTIfNotEmpty var=&quot;MTEntryKeywords&quot;>

This program is copyright 2006 George Hotelling ( and
Adam Gerstein ( and licensed under the GPL General Public License.

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  1. Peenie Wallie

    Adam, many thanks for this plugin. I have it working pretty much like yours, but the cm.php part of the Technorati link escapes me. What does the PHP script do for you?

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