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Subject: Adam’s Plug In 1.0.7
Howdy folks!
Enclosed is the latest and greatest version of my Eudora Plug-in (v1.0.7) which adds the following panels to your Eudora Settings (from the Read-Me):
Color/Desktop: Let’s you change some of the colors that Eudora uses and how much of the Desktop you see.
X-Headers: Let’s you add your own X-Headers (it’s fun. Trust me!).
Misc. Settings: Changes the Send button text, default text strings and the size that files are split at. You can also change the (Recipient List Suppressed) to whatever you want…..
Stationery/Text: Change the stationery file name and tweak how text appears, as well as editing stuff for forwards.
Ports and Protocols: For the real geeks among us, change how long it takes before Eudora barfs on you, what port you use or the protocols that you’re using.
Attributions: Instead of “? wrote:”, make it something snazzy and insert an extra .
Date/Time: Change how Eudora displays the time and dates for messages sent/received.
Connections: Tweak some minor settings for your connections.
Disk Space: Some settings for compacting and buffer size.
From: Change how the From: address reads (ie “Real Name <user@host>” instead of “user@host (Real Name)”)
Logging: Change what is logged and what ain’t, as well as the size of your logging files.
Suppressed Headers: That’s right, suppress the headers that bug you! Normally done with ResEdit, now via Eudora!
If you like it, all I ask is some email telling me that you use it, and if you don’t, then tell me what you don’t like and I’ll see what I can do!
Also, I’m working on web pages for help/instructions. Check them out!

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  1. Michael

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve been using something called “Adam’s 2.0” for years. It has this link and says it’s 2.0.0ß, created Oct 2002. Do you know about this version? Is there a link to it anywhere?

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