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Subject: Adam’s Plug In 1.0.7
Howdy folks!
Enclosed is the latest and greatest version of my Eudora Plug-in (v1.0.7) which adds the following panels to your Eudora Settings (from the Read-Me):
Color/Desktop: Let’s you change some of the colors that Eudora uses and how much of the Desktop you see.
X-Headers: Let’s you add your own X-Headers (it’s fun. Trust me!).
Misc. Settings: Changes the Send button text, default text strings and the size that files are split at. You can also change the (Recipient List Suppressed) to whatever you want…..
Stationery/Text: Change the stationery file name and tweak how text appears, as well as editing stuff for forwards.
Ports and Protocols: For the real geeks among us, change how long it takes before Eudora barfs on you, what port you use or the protocols that you’re using.
Attributions: Instead of “? wrote:”, make it something snazzy and insert an extra .
Date/Time: Change how Eudora displays the time and dates for messages sent/received.
Connections: Tweak some minor settings for your connections.
Disk Space: Some settings for compacting and buffer size.
From: Change how the From: address reads (ie “Real Name <user@host>” instead of “user@host (Real Name)”)
Logging: Change what is logged and what ain’t, as well as the size of your logging files.
Suppressed Headers: That’s right, suppress the headers that bug you! Normally done with ResEdit, now via Eudora!
If you like it, all I ask is some email telling me that you use it, and if you don’t, then tell me what you don’t like and I’ll see what I can do!
Also, I’m working on web pages for help/instructions. Check them out!