A quick note to say that I’m now completely off the internet. For a whole weekend. Part of me is really cranky, and another part doesn’t care simply because Cablevision no longer gets my money (well, after they finally send us a bill for the correct amount).
The problem stems from cancelling the TV service – the phone rep didn’t understand me when I said “I also have a cable modem provided by Cablevision under a separate account” and I didn’t realize fully what “disconnect you from the cable system” meant. Mostly my bad, but I feel that the phone rep should share at least some of the blame. What happened is that Cablevision feels that since I’m no longer a paying customer, then I shouldn’t be on their network at all. You see, you can get basic cable for free if you’re still connected – they can’t stop the signal without a physical disconnect. The problem is, as I said, that I get my internet from them too. I hadn’t fully fleshed out all my options for a replacement for them when it came to the fore on Thursday night – no internet. I called to complain, and Cablevision was nice enough to offer to send someone out between 10 and 7 the next day – provided I would be home in case they needed to come inside the house to check things.
Not for nothing, but if the internet stopped when you disconnected me from your wires, why would your tech need to come inside the house? Needless to say, I declined. They said that they could see about getting someone out on Saturday, but that was also not much more than a “we’ll see what we can do, but no promises unless you’re willing to stay on hold for 15 minutes” sort of thing. I passed on that too.
I called AT&T from work and signed up for a DSL package. I’m not happy about it, but I think I’ve made it clear that I want Cablevision out of my life. They overnighted me a kit, and I hooked it up, and…. nothing. A call to their tech support for new installs reveals that they can’t hook me up for some reason, and they’ll get back to me about it. I expect to get a call on Monday, but who knows. I’m not happy, especially since what I received from them (a wireless router/DSL modem) is not what I requested (a DSL modem) since I have all the extra fancy stuff I need already at home.
At this point, I fully expect them to tell me that they need to replace the equipment outside the house (a terminal, I think it’s called) since it’s a few years shy of being ancient. Oh, and quite dirty. But we’ll see how that turns out on Monday.
More updates as events warrant.
Oh, and thanks mom and dad, for letting me use your internet while Ethan took an entirely too long nap.

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  1. David

    Hello it’s david,
    If they don’t get your DSL resolved or as least sync within the next day or two and want me to investigate send me an e-mail or see my contact page.
    p.s. I have a typekey id but for some reason it kept popping up a message about a feature not enabled and you have to contact the site owner. Not sure what’s up with that.

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