Zork fun for the whole family?

Last night Ethan was cranking, so i picked him up and brought him to the kitchen – as he had been mumbling something about the kitchen.
We stepped into the kitchen and i said:
You have entered the kitchen. Cabinets abound. There is a sink and several counters. Exits are south, north and west.
He pointed at the fridge, so i turned, and said…
You are facing the fridge. Other objects available are a stove, sink and microwave. Cabinets still abound, and there are more counters. Exits are north, south and west.
He looked at me.
I said “Time passes…..”
He looked at me again.
I did a little face sucker action and said “You have been eaten by a grue”
He didn’t care what his final score was (5 points), but I think he might want to play again tomorrow…..

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