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If you haven’t read it yet, check out “The Falling Man” on – it’s the story about some very iconic images from 9/11 that have sort of been “buried”.

All the photos from 9/11 are powerful, some much more than others. I have a
collection of photos, links, thoughts, etc from 9/11 when I was trying to make sense of it all – and among them is this and one other “falling” photo. I forget they are ¬†on my website until I go looking for something and find the folder, simply named “wtc”, silently waiting for me to click on it, which I occasionally do to reflect on what happened.

RIP, Steve Jobs

Steven Jobs

Steve Jobs

Like a lot of people, I’m a fan of Apple Computer. I buy their products, I own stock – I even worked there in college as an intern in their Customer Relations Department (one of the best years of my life). If cut, I know I’d bleed six colors (*). I never knew Jobs personally – he was still in “exile” when I was at Apple, instead working during the end of Michael Spindler’s tenure. But enough of the full-timers I worked with – friends even now – have shared stories, and there’s more than a few stories about him online. All of them awesome. All of them inspiring. When he stepped down in August, he looked a little bit… less Steve. Now the world knows why.

Thanks for being insanely great, Steve.

Government “waste”?

CT Lawmakers "goofing off"

I received an email today from someone, which included a photo:

As you can see, it’s government at work – someone is talking, and then there’s a bunch of people listening – including at least two people playing solitaire. Nothing really out of the ordinary, when you think about it: you’re stuck at a meeting, someone is going on and on about something or other, and you decide to zone out for a bit. No big deal, right? Wrong. Like many other Government activities, there was press there. All over the place. Some of them have cameras…. And some of them work for the AP. Oops!

The email also included this text:

Can you believe this??? This picture is worth a trillion $$

House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, pictured standing, far right, speaks while colleagues Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford and Rep. Jack F. Hennessy, D-Bridgeport, play solitaire Monday night as the House convened to vote on a new budget. (AP)

The guy sitting in the row in front of these two…he’s on Facebook, and the guy behind Hennessy is checking out the baseball scores.

These are the folks that couldn’t get the budget out by Oct. 1, and are about to control your health care, cap-and-trade, and the list goes on and on….
Should we buy them larger screen computers – or – a ticket home, permanently?

This is one of their 3-DAY WORK WEEKS that we all pay for (salary is about $179,000 per year).


The problem I have with all of this? The photo was taken in 2009.

I have no problem with calling out waste or stupidity in government, but at least get your facts right – don’t claim that something’s happening NOW when it’s something that happened two years ago…. Ugh. It also doesn’t help with the current economic woes here in Connecticut……

How to… mess up your knee?

So, March 18th our lovely dog, Skeeter, apparently discovered how to get out of the back yard. Jen came back from taking Ethan to school and went to let him back into the house – and discovered he wasn’t there. She was leaving out the front door when a neighbor was walking up the front steps, carrying Skeeter. Joy.

Abby has dance class right after school, so Jen took Abby and the boys right to the studio, and Emma let Skeeter into the backyard, unaware of the hole in the fence. She discovered he was out, and was heading out when… another neighbor was bringing Skeeter back again. More joy. Emma put some extra pavers from the patio in front of the holes in the fence – she wasn’t sure which was “the one” – and I figured I’d get the fence patched up as soon as I could.

That night was our Cub Scout Pack’s Pinewood Derby, so I didn’t get a chance to fix the hole in the fence. Saturday morning I was still a little groggy and let him into the yard. He wandered around for a bit, and I kept an eye on him for the first few minutes – and then I kept checking on him every 5 or so minutes. He was fine.

And then he was gone.

I grabbed some shoes, told Emma and Noah to get dressed and be ready to head out. After a quick check in one direction, I decided to go another way and look for Skeeter by his “friends” houses – he loves a good smack talk session when he’s on a leash and mom or dad are around. The other dogs give as good as they take, so it seemed a very likely possibility that he’d be over at one of those houses trying to raise a stink. While jogging around that neighborhood – the dogs are spread apart – I did something to my knee. After checking the last house, I hobbled home, only to discover….

Skeeter in the neighbors yard. The look on his face said “Hey, how’s it going? Have a good walk?”

After fixing up the fence (chain link is easy to work with, thankfully) – and after discovering that Skeeter was trying to hide another exit point – I went inside to ice up the knee and hope that it was just a strain.

Fast forward to Monday morning, when my knee was pretty swollen and it hurt quite a bit to walk on it. I called out of work and managed to get an appointment with the same Orthopaedist who I’ve seen for some shoulder and – ironically – knee issues. The same knee.

The x-rays revealed no issues, but he was concerned with the swelling and how I responded to his…. handling of my knee (pushing, pulling, poking, proding, and trying to move it ways that I wasn’t sure it could have done before I did this). He then ordered an MRI and said to try to stay off it. They even gave me a fancy knee brace to wear.

Meniscal Tear - Torn HornThe next day I showed up for the MRI and managed to fall asleep while they were doing the scans. Ten days after doing the damage, I met with the doctor again – he said that I have a “Torn Horn” injury in the meniscus, and that he’d like to do arthroscopic surgery and remove the hanging bits of the meniscus off – they were, as he put it, like bits of hangnail – the more they are touched as I move around, the more they will hurt.

What’s killing me about the situation now is that the knee feels better overall. It hurts to walk, yes, but it doesn’t hurt near as much as it did originally. And based on conversations I’ve had with several people, I’m not entirely sure that surgery will be the answer – especially since more than a few of those people had surgery and are still dealing with issues.

Anyone have any advice?

Church Group or Hate Group – which is it???

So… Elizabeth Taylor died, and apparently the Westboro Baptist Church will be at the funeral to protest, because… I don’t know, apparently being friends with gay people is enough. Oh, and her work as an activist against AIDS.

What caught my eye in this write up in Time, however, was this nugget:

Margie Phelps, daughter of the hate group’s leader Fred Phelps

Are they saying that the Westboro Baptist Church is similar to other hate groups, like the KKK? According to Wikipedia, they are. The Anti-Defamation League agrees. And so does the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So, if they are a hate group, then doesn’t that mean that their protests at military funerals are hate speech, and therefore not protected by the First Amendment?