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I don’t want to know!

I sit in this cube, day after day, listening to those around me. The sighs. The phone calls. The personal information that I really, really, really don’t understand why you’re sharing with 5 of your co-workers sitting around you. It’s a cubicle, made out of fabric and 1/4″ of foam, not Fort Knox. Seriously?

(Image taken fromĀ Success Yeti)

What a week

Thursday my car ran out of gas while I was warming up in the driveway. Embarrassing to say the least. The rest of the day was downhill from there – very frustrating.

Now it’s Friday. Time to unwind. I got some things done, but it wasn’t the day I had hoped it would be for various reasons – but no reason to dwell on the past there. Time to go home and just relax…..

RIP, Steve Jobs

Steven Jobs

Steve Jobs

Like a lot of people, I’m a fan of Apple Computer. I buy their products, I own stock – I even worked there in college as an intern in their Customer Relations Department (one of the best years of my life). If cut, I know I’d bleed six colors (*). I never knew Jobs personally – he was still in “exile” when I was at Apple, instead working during the end of Michael Spindler’s tenure. But enough of the full-timers I worked with – friends even now – have shared stories, and there’s more than a few stories about him online. All of them awesome. All of them inspiring. When he stepped down in August, he looked a little bit… less Steve. Now the world knows why.

Thanks for being insanely great, Steve.