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Last minute gift ideas

With Christmas just days away, you have to consider what you’ll do carefully – with just two days for shipping, and more and more packages going through the systems, you’re cutting it rather close. Amazon.com is offering free two-day shipping on some items, so plan things right and you could get it there in time. Otherwise, if you know it’s in stock at a local store – many websites now offer the chance to check inventory status online – you might be able to get it in hand, provided you can put up with the crush of people.
Amazon.com and iTunes Music Store gift cards are an excellent option – you can either have them emailed to the recipient, or you can print out a custom gift card and give it in person. Win win!
If you have a Lego fan on your list, Lego Shop at Home offers a great variety of sets, right from the source. If you have a custom builder on the list, a gift cardicon and point them in the direction of the individual bricks store, and they’ll be all set.
Another option, if you’re looking to spend a little more, is the Amazon Kindle. They’ve lowered the price, and changed out the wireless provider, meaning that you can use it internationally now. Combine those two, and you’ve got a great price on a very mobile device. Books are available online, and there are millions of titles available – either from Amazon, or from third party sources, including free books. With magazine and newspaper subscriptions also available – cheaper than the printed versions – it’s easy to stay up to date while on the go.
Some other items of note:
Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition)
Star Wars Trilogy
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
The Shawshank Redemption (Single Disc Edition)
The Dark Knight (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition)
Stargate SG-1: The Complete Series Collection
X-Men Trilogy (X-Men/ X2 – X-Men United/ X-Men – The Last Stand)
The Hangover (Unrated Two-Disc Special Edition)
Inglourious Basterds (Single-Disc Edition)
District 9 (Single-Disc Edition)
Gran Torino (Widescreen Edition)
Kung Fu – The Complete Series Collection
Friends – The Complete Series Collection
The West Wing – The Complete Series Collection
Gilligan’s Island – The Complete Series Collection
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – The Complete Series
Family Guy – The Total World Domination Collection (Stewie Head Packaging) – (Amazon.com Exclusive)
Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Everything
When Harry Met Sally… (Collector’s Edition)

A couple Star Wars things…

Star Wars Family Guy Darth Stewie Character Key
Star Wars C-3PO Holiday Waterball Ornament
Star Wars Cantina Band Action Figures
Star Wars Evolutions Imperial Pilots Action Figures
Star Wars Darth Vader Stein
Star Wars Darth Vader Sculpted Mug
Star Wars Boba Fett Classics Bust
Star Wars Snowtrooper Classics Bust

Yet more gift ideas

I’ve been coming Amazon’s website for things that look like good deals. I got a little carried away while researching some toys for the boys – hence the Nerf and HALO stuff – but got onto some “real” stuff a little later. As usual, more to come later. There’a a lot of stuff out there…..
Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6
Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster – Blue
Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 (colors may vary)
Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster
Nerf Streamline Darts 10 Pack
Nerf N-Strike Flip Clip Dart Refill
Nerf Dart Ammo Box – Streamline Darts
Hasbro Nerf Dart Tag Refill Pack: 30 Tagger Micro Darts
Nerf Whistler Darts 36pk
EyeClops Night Vision Infared Stealth Goggles V2
Halo Wars UNSC Scorpion
Halo Wars Aerial Ambush
Halo Wars UNSC Warthog
Halo War UNSC Turret
Halo Wars UNSC Hornet
Halo Wars Mega Bloks Battle Unit
Halo Wars Mega Bloks Exclusive Set #7 Combat Unit [Contains 5 Mini Figures!]
Halo Wars Mega Bloks Magnext Figure UNSC Spartan-II (Green)
Halo Wars Mega Bloks Magnext Figure UNSC Spartan-II (Red)
Sunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit
Toy Story Collection RC Buggy
World of Warcraft
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – The Complete Series
Mission: Impossible – Complete Series
The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series
Get Smart – The Complete Series Gift Set
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
Space Invaders Extreme 2
House, M.D. – Season One
Dexter: The First Season
Seinfeld – Seasons 1 & 2
Seinfeld – Season 3
Seinfeld – Season 4
Seinfeld – Season 5
Seinfeld – Season 6
Seinfeld – Season 7
Seinfeld – Season 8
Seinfeld – Season 9

More Geek gifts…

The Black Friday deals may be done, but some website deals are still around. I’ve picked out some more, including my favortie – the
Star Wars Darth Vader Stein. Awesome, right?
Star Wars Boba Fett Computer Sitter Bobble Head
Spider-Spud Mr. Potato Head
Star Wars Darth Vader Computer Sitter Bobble Head
Simpsons Waylon Smithers Bobble Head
Star Wars Holiday Jawa Mini Bobble Head
Star Wars Holiday C-3PO Mini Bobble Head
President Barack Obama Bobble Head
Wiggling Hula Girl
Spider-Man Computer Sitter Bobble Head
Simpsons Barney Bobble Head
Homer Simpson Computer Sitter Bobble Head
EE Exclusive Halo Pale Master Chief Bobble Head, Not Mint
Futurama Fry Bobble Head
Star Wars Holiday Darth Vader Mini Bobble Head
Star Wars Yoda Computer Sitter Bobble Head
V For Vendetta Mask
Farscape: The Complete Series
Star Trek (Single-Disc Edition)
Star Trek (Two-Disc Digital Copy Edition)
Sling Media SlingCatcher SC100-100 Universal Media Player for TV
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Nerf N-Strike Elite Bundle
Toy Story Mania!