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Church Group or Hate Group – which is it???

So… Elizabeth Taylor died, and apparently the Westboro Baptist Church will be at the funeral to protest, because… I don’t know, apparently being friends with gay people is enough. Oh, and her work as an activist against AIDS. What caught … Continue reading

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Good tips for Britney

Eric R. Danton | Sound Check: Suggestions for Britney Spears Also…. Spears in Diaper Drama: Britney changed her sons diaper in the middle of a Victoria’s Secret. Literally in the middle – like right by the cash register. Eric has … Continue reading

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They may be "Lost", but the cops still got them….

I realize it’s old news at this point, but I’ve had the page bookmarked for so long that if I don’t post it, I’ll feel that I wasted those bytes.TSG Mug Shot: The “Lost” GirlsMichelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, stars of the ABC megahit “Lost,” were arrested by Honolulu cops in December 2005 and charged with drunk driving. Continue reading

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I pity the fool!

Mr. T Likes The Double-Shot Espresso How cool is it that Paul just happened to run into Mr. T while running into his local Starbucks? Continue reading

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