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Church Group or Hate Group – which is it???

So… Elizabeth Taylor died, and apparently the Westboro Baptist Church will be at the funeral to protest, because… I don’t know, apparently being friends with gay people is enough. Oh, and her work as an activist against AIDS.

What caught my eye in this write up in Time, however, was this nugget:

Margie Phelps, daughter of the hate group’s leader Fred Phelps

Are they saying that the Westboro Baptist Church is similar to other hate groups, like the KKK? According to Wikipedia, they are. The Anti-Defamation League agrees. And so does the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So, if they are a hate group, then doesn’t that mean that their protests at military funerals are hate speech, and therefore not protected by the First Amendment?

Good tips for Britney

Eric R. Danton | Sound Check: Suggestions for Britney Spears
Also…. Spears in Diaper Drama: Britney changed her sons diaper in the middle of a Victoria’s Secret. Literally in the middle – like right by the cash register.
Eric has a point – if she doesn’t want the drama, then she needs to get out of Dodge. And losing the dirtbag (aka her so called husband) wouldn’t hurt either. I can’t open my wifes “People” or “US” without reading about how they’re in therapy/getting divorced/converting to Scientology. Honestly, it’s getting a little old now….. Broom him or shape him up, ok?

They may be "Lost", but the cops still got them….

I realize it’s old news at this point, but I’ve had the page bookmarked for so long that if I don’t post it, I’ll feel that I wasted those bytes.
TSG Mug Shot: The “Lost” Girls
Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, stars of the ABC megahit “Lost,” were arrested by Honolulu cops in December 2005 and charged with drunk driving.