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I don’t want to know!

I sit in this cube, day after day, listening to those around me. The sighs. The phone calls. The personal information that I really, really, really don’t understand why you’re sharing with 5 of your co-workers sitting around you. It’s a cubicle, made out of fabric and 1/4″ of foam, not Fort Knox. Seriously?

(Image taken fromĀ Success Yeti)

Crazy days of summer…..

It’s been super busy for me – the Fall semester started this week, and work has been crazy busy.
The best part? The person who used to be my boss but is now a “peer” is still acting like he’s… my boss. It’s been interesting since he got back from his medical leave – but I was on vacation. When I got back from vacation, it’s been go go go ever since. Not that I’m complaining – but in addition to my job role changes, I’ve got this other dynamic I need to work with, and it’s making things a little harder for me. Very hard, at times.
The semester has started, however, and you can’t stop that. WIth the start of the semester comes the usual influx of calls from faculty members who have problems with their computers. Well, that could mean a lot of things, so let me re-phrase that: Faculty members who are turning on their office computers for the first time in several months and remembering that they were having a problem with it back in April, but didn’t have time to call the helpdesk and log a ticket. Can we maybe fix it now? Like, this afternoon? In 20 minutes?
Ah…. it’s good to have the semester start again….

Just for fun…..

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

This is me, trying to stay awake while things happen around me. Joy.
Oh, and Skitch! is an interesting tool from plasq that allows you to do screen shots (or images captures right from your iSight or other camera), edit them, and the post them to the web. Right now I’m using their servers, but you can put it to flickr, .Mac (soon to be MobileMe), or right into your FTP account. It’s pretty cool to play with, and I’m finding more things to do with it each day. Go check it out!

Long time, no blog. Again.

So, it’s been almost three weeks since the last post. Wow. Time sure flies when you’re having fun.
Well, not exactly. More like been super busy. At work I had to help make sure all the labs were up to date before we started the semester – since the last post was on 1/18, that only left a few days. It wasn’t hard, especially with the very helpful student workers, but that’s on top of the normal workload – so the extra work isn’t cool. Regardless, we got through it, and I think we did a good job in the process.
Personally, we’ve had to deal with a stomach bug (which I detailed a little earlier in the month) as well as just the normal fun and games involved with running a family.
Today, however, was the icing on the cake. While a friend and I were at Target, I walked into a display. In retrospect, it might have been sticking out into the aisle a little bit, but I might also have walked off the aisle – we were almost at the end, so I might have just been trying to get ahead of myself. Regardless, I bashed my shin – no big deal, except for the pain. Or so I thought.
I’ve now got a HUGE swollen cut. I’ve got anti-bacterial junk and a band-aid on it, sitting underneath a big ol’ ice pack – I just hope it doesn’t hurt like heck in the morning.
In less painful news, although :ethan: is still spending more time in our bed than we would like, he’s developed a fun new habit: giving everyone goodnight kisses. He’s very irritated if someone tries to go to bed without getting a kiss from him, and he really seems to enjoy the process. First he goes into :noah:’s room, where he can just lean over and get a kiss. For :emma:’s room he needs a boost to get up to her for her kiss. Up in :abby: and his room, he climbs up the step and then onto her bed to give her a hug and a kiss. Since she will, more often than not, already be asleep at that time, he usually gives her a kiss, looks over at me and says “Ssssshhh!” and then kisses her again before climbing into his bed.
He doesn’t stay there, of course, but I think he’s starting to get our bedtime routine, and Jen and I hope that he will soon try sleeping in his own bed for more than a nap here or there, or when we stick him in his bed.